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How to become a RESIDENT ADVISOR

At Faith and Fostering, young adults enter and work through various levels of housing. The first step is having volunteer resident advisors present in the house to oversee the house and make sure things are running smoothly. If you are interested in serving in this role, click on volunteer.


  • 25 years of age or older

  • Must submit a volunteer application and interview

  • References and background checks

  • Attend a training


Volunteer Activities:

  • Arrive at the residence no later than 6:30 pm

  • Provide a presence in the home that creates a safe and warm environment

  • Turn on the alarm before 10:00 pm and disarm the alarm when everyone wakes up

  • Report any alarming or suspicious activity to the Housing Coordinator

  • Not required, but may cook dinner, have a movie night, lead a nightly devotion, or any other activities that may bring fun and relationship

  • May leave the home anytime after 6:30 am but may stay as late as 10:00 am

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