Executive Director

Christi Robinson

Christi Robinson has always had a heart for young people and worked with youth from the most difficult places. These places include foster care, addiction, juvenile detention, and sex trafficking. Over the past few years, Christi has witnessed young adults forced to enter the world alone while being labeled an adult at the tender age of eighteen. After much prayer, depending on God's direction, and partnering with Barbara Lewis and Jeff Lowe, Faith and Fostering was born. 


Board President

Barbara Lewis

Barbara Lewis was born in Florida and was one of 6 children. Due to many factors, she and all of her siblings were removed from their mother and placed in foster-care. She knows personally what it is like to be in a situation of needing support and guidance to navigate life. Her passion has always been to help and assist families. She has worked in the medical field in Labor and Delivery, served as a children’s minister, and is currently the owner of a title III child care facility.  Barbara gives credit to Jesus Christ, the one who truly saved her and set her feet on a path to serve others. Her mission now is to help others find His love, His grace, and His purpose for their lives. She considers it an honor and privilege to be a founder of such a life changing organization as Faith and Fostering.


Board Member

Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe has been one of Shreveport's leading business men for over 20 years. He and his wife, Tammie, begin volunteering as CASA advocates to fight for the best interest of children in foster care. The thought of young people exiting foster care and becoming homeless led Jeff to ask what he could do to help. After he and Christi connected and discussed concerns for these young people, they partnered to work towards a Christ-centered solution and approach to impact the homeless young adult population. 

Board of Directors

Vice President

Sheriff Jayson Richardson


Patricia Anderson-Alicea

Judge Amy Burford-McCartney

Direne Johnson

Kristi Goodman

Diana Coleman

Kristin Stubbs

Tammie Lowe

William Bradford

April Baker

Ted Cox

Jerry Deason

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