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My Story...

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My name is Haley, and I want to share a little about myself. I grew up in a low-poverty household with a mom that was physically there but not really there. Due to my situation, I dropped out of school and fell into the only thing I knew – the streets. This is where I stayed my entire childhood and teen life. I grew up around drugs and even began using drugs at the age of 8. I fell into the wrong crowd, which forced me into sex trafficking, where I was trapped for 4 years. At one point, I was even kidnapped and held in a pop-up camper for 4 weeks. I will never get these years back. BUT NOW, I am in Faith and Fostering. Faith and Fostering has helped me rebuild my life, a life that was taken. I am in the

process of restoration. I would like to add that I am also a proud mother to the most wonderful 22-month-old son, Nathaniel Chance, and we are on this journey together!


While trapped, I fell into a toxic relationship with my child’s father. I got to a place that I really wanted out and prayed to God. He showed me that He was listening and gave me a way out to save my baby. I landed in a hospital for a couple of days, which started my salvation process. This led to me being placed in a program called Purchased: Not for Sale. Here, I was safe and began getting sober. Then, I moved to Heart of Hope, where I learned to be a mother and started my education. I began to heal from my past and had house parents who treated me like their own. Heart of Hope told me about Faith and Fostering. I transitioned into Faith and Fostering after I delivered Chance, and I have been here for 2 years now. I have reached a place where I am no longer just surviving. I am truly in a place of thriving! 


This is the safest place I have ever been in my whole life. I don’t have to move every week, I don’t have to depend on a stranger that I met that day, and I get to shower EVERYDAY! When I first entered Faith and Fostering, it was not easy, and it was different for me. There were rules set into place, but they kept me and Chance safe. Unlike everyone in my past, Faith and Fostering has stuck by my side and have given me second chances. I have made relationships with people that will be in my life forever. They have become moms, aunts, friends, mentors, and even grandmothers to my son. These people are genuine as they help you ease off your past life and build a new foundation.  


I am proud to share that while in Faith and Fostering, I have accomplished much! I am currently in college working on an accounting degree, working in an amazing accounting firm, just bought my first car, and saving for a house. This is possible because of Faith and Fostering and everyone involved!


Thank you for EVERYTHING,

Haley and Chance Spears

Faith and Fostering Resident

My Story...


My name is DeAnthony, and I am so grateful for Faith and Fostering. When I joined Faith and Fostering, I had left foster care and my guardian’s house. I had nowhere to go. I couldn’t return to my little sister’s father’s house and decided to go to my mom’s. There were crack pipes everywhere, and chemicals from the crack were even in the air. It was so strong, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Someone told me to put towels in all the openings around my door, but that didn’t help. Man, I never want to go through that again. That is when someone told me about Faith and Fostering. They have a whole team of people that really care for you and are positive. They give you advice and direction that matters and helps you with life and growing up. Also, there are other people there that have gone through similar situations. There are a bunch of nonprofits, but to me, no one compares to Faith and Fostering. They are consistent and offer you detailed things to do, one by one. I can do that! It’s a beautiful thing! 


In Faith and Fostering, I have met people that truly want me to succeed. So far, I have: 

  • obtained a State I.D.

  • opened a checking and savings account

  • learned how to use public transportation

  • maintain full-time employment

  • completed the written portion of the driver’s education

  • created a budget plan

  • have healthy relationships that I can depend on 


I have a mentor that really helps me, and his name is Chris. He is amazing! I respect him for so many reasons. He is calm and collected, and he always listens. He is dependable and always there when I call. He is also smart and kind. I just appreciate him for being there for me. 


I’m excited about my future. I’m not rushing and setting some good foundations. I hope to work on a book and do an open mic one day. I also hope to connect with people like Faith and Fostering has with me. Thank you for for helping Faith and Fostering help me. 


Thank you, 

DeAnthony T.

Faith and Fostering Resident

My Story...

Izzy Pic.jpg

Hello, my name is Isabella Desselle, but everyone calls me Izzy. Before Faith and Fostering, I was homeless with feelings that there was no hope. My life has been a journey that few can relate to. I was born in Quito, Ecuador, and was in an orphanage until I was adopted at 2 1/2 from a couple in the United States. I ended up in foster care and had many placements that weren’t good. I think I have participated in every homeless program in Louisiana and Arkansas. When I entered into Faith and Fostering, I had no more options and felt alone. 


Since Faith and Fostering, I have met genuine people that truly want young people to succeed. With the support of the program and everyone involved, I have: 

  • obtained legal documents and stored them safely in a safe

  • opened a banking and savings account

  • have full-time employment

  • graduated with my Associate’s degree and working on my Bachelor’s

  • purchased a vehicle

  • receive regular Christian, trauma-focused counseling

  • growing spiritually through bible study and mentor groups


I live in Holly’s Haven, the house in Stonewall, LA, and growing as a leader. Even though it is sometimes a struggle, I am working to be a good example and leader for the other girls. I look forward to what is in my future. I hope to graduate with my Bachelor’s and someday work for Faith and Fostering. I have received so much and want to give back to young women who have experienced similar things. Thank you for your support and for helping my present and future be filled with hope and relationships. 



Isabella Desselle (Izzy)

Faith and Fostering Resident

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