My Story...

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Hello, my name is Isabella Desselle, but everyone calls me Izzy. Before Faith and Fostering, I was homeless with feelings that there was no hope. My life has been a journey that few can relate to. I was born in Quito, Ecuador, and was in an orphanage until I was adopted at 2 1/2 from a couple in the United States. I ended up in foster care and had many placements that weren’t good. I think I have participated in every homeless program in Louisiana and Arkansas. When I entered into Faith and Fostering, I had no more options and felt alone. 


Since Faith and Fostering, I have met genuine people that truly want young people to succeed. With the support of the program and everyone involved, I have: 

  • obtained legal documents and stored them safely in a safe

  • opened a banking and savings account

  • have full-time employment

  • graduated with my Associate’s degree and working on my Bachelor’s

  • purchased a vehicle

  • receive regular Christian, trauma-focused counseling

  • growing spiritually through bible study and mentor groups


I live in Holly’s Haven, the house in Stonewall, LA, and growing as a leader. Even though it is sometimes a struggle, I am working to be a good example and leader for the other girls. I look forward to what is in my future. I hope to graduate with my Bachelor’s and someday work for Faith and Fostering. I have received so much and want to give back to young women who have experienced similar things. Thank you for your support and for helping my present and future be filled with hope and relationships. 



Isabella Desselle (Izzy)

Faith and Fostering Resident