Our History

2019 - Faith and Fostering was born from the hearts of leaders that wanted to make a difference in the lives of homeless young adults, specifically youth aging out of foster care. They came together to brainstorm ways to effectively serve this population and watched as God supernaturally formed Faith and Fostering through His network of followers. 


2020 - In March of 2020, Faith and Fostering was officially recognized as a nonprofit by the Secretary of State. The Northwest Louisiana community pulled together in support as sponsors and partners generously gave to Faith and Fostering to aid in support of homeless young adults. Three one-bedroom/one-bath apartments were donated to Faith and Fostering to house young adults while they worked on an individualized independent living plan and transitioned into independent adulthood. Also generously donated was an overwhelming amount of furniture and furnishings to fill the three apartments, and Faith and Fostering was able to begin serving homeless young adults! In July 2020, the first Faith and Fostering young adult moved into an apartment in Bossier City, LA. October 2020 was an exciting month for Faith and Fostering! A three-bedroom, two-bath home was donated to provide housing to an additional three homeless young adults and a house parent. 

2021 was a year of growth! Organizational and mission awareness spread quickly, and enrollment applications came rolling in. In January, an Executive Director was hired due to God's grace and provision, and a Case Manager was hired in July. As program structure and case management strengthened, young adults began hitting milestones and showing growth. During 2021: 12 homeless young adults were served, 100% were off the streets, 100% attended life skills training, 100% increased social supports, 100% worked an independent living plan, 78 trauma-focused counseling sessions, 3 enrolled in college and attended, and 4 eliminated the transportation barrier by obtaining vehicles.

Please continue to pray for us and the young adults we will serve as we move forward!