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Transportation Volunteer

To learn more about how you can become a Transporation Volunteer, click the picture below.

aVA CAR.jpg

Intercessory Prayer

If you would like to partner with us in prayer, click the picture below to receive our monthly prayer requests.


Birthday Sponsor

If you would like to sign up to provide a cake, a few snacks, balloons, disposable plates, napkins, plasticware and cups,  click the picture below.

birthday pic.jpg

Program Coach

To learn more about becoming a program coach, click the picture below.

mentor pic.jpg

Indoor and Outdoor Workdays

If you enjoy working with your hands and working indoor or outdoors, click the picture below.

work day.jpg

Organize Supply Drive

If you would like to donate items or organize a clothing, supply or food drive, click the picture below to view the items needed.

Amand dONATIONS.jpg

Life Skills Teacher

Do you have a special skill you would like to teach our young adults?  Click the picture below to see what is needed.

life skills.jpg
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